What if you could create, launch, and sell your first Canva product  this week?

The Canva Product Creator Course is the only step-by-step system you need to grow your impact and diversify your income streams with Canva products.

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This course is a steal, I want to buy all her offerings now!!

After going through the Canva Product Creator Course I finally feel confident to be able to create Canva templates to sell online. I started out thinking I might create one or two templates, but now I am so inspired that I want to create a whole fleet of templates to generate passive income!  Having Nicholette break down her process step-by-step was invaluable for me. This course is a steal, I want to buy all her offerings now!! 

Sarah Riopka

There has never been a better time to start selling Canva templates

Did you know that 5.4 million businesses were started in the United States alone in 2021?

And guess what? They all need graphics and templates to advertise and promote their products.

There are plenty of business owners out there who don’t have…

  • An eye for design (or the desire to learn)
  • Time to design graphics from scratch
  • The budget to hire a pro graphic designer

Millions of business owners are out there looking for easy-to-use design solutions and templates that’ll help them stand out from the crowd, look more professional, and sell their offers in style.

Which begs the question...

Why shouldn’t you be the one to create them?

With Canva Templates the opportunities are truly endless

  • Whether you’re an entrepreneur who wants to diversify your offer suite…
  • A blogger, influencer, or creative who’s ready to monetize your design skills…
  • Or someone with an eye for design looking for a side hustle and extra cash…

Creating and selling Canva products is one of the smartest things you can do


Stop trading your time for money

with a product that you create ONCE then sell over and over again, without much additional work


Position yourself as an expert

by showing off the caliber and quality of your work, and by delivering an amazing solution for your peeps at an accessible price


Funnel buyers into higher-ticket offers

by selling to people who are natural ideal clients for your other products or services

Now I know what you’re thinking...

If you’ve made your way here, chances are you’ve considered creating and selling a Canva product before.

But something’s been holding you back:

  • You’re not sure what kind of Canva product you’d even create
  • You don't know how a Canva product would fit into your offer ecosystem
  • You're not confident coming up with a product people actually want to buy
  • You aren’t sure how to price your Canva product for profitability
  • You feel like every idea you have has been done before by someone else

Put simply… you don’t know where to start!

What if you could ditch that overwhelm and

discover the easier way to create, launch and sell your first Canva product?

 With the right roadmap and tools, you can:

Come up with a profitable product idea

so you can launch with confidence that your product is unique and in-demand

Know exactly how to create a stand-out product

so you can get it in your buyers’ hands in way less time (and with way less stress)

Learn how to sell + deliver your product on autopilot

so you can sit back and wait for those payment notifications to hit your inbox (Best.Feeling.Ever!)

The struggle ends  today, friend

Because I’ve packaged up everything I’ve learned from 7+ years of running a thriving Canva Template Shop and wrapped it up with a little digital bow...

And I’m sharing it with YOU – at a no-brainer price!


The Canva Product Creator Course

Everything you could possibly need to
create, launch and sell your first Canva product

Easy-to-follow video trainings?


Step-by-step instructions + checklists?

Double check.

Templates to help you sell your product?

You betcha.
Get Instant Access for Just $97

“I was able to complete it around my daughter’s sleep schedule.”

As a new mom, I didn’t have time to research strategies and  systems to create shareable templates for clients. Nicholette had everything I was looking for and then some. I loved that I was able to complete the course around my daughter's sleep schedule! The lessons are short and actionable, and the checklists and done-for-you templates were another favorite feature.

Kayleigh Hannon

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside...

In-depth training

The Profitable Canva Product Formula

In this value-packed training, I’ll walk you through exactly what it takes to create the most viable Canva product for your businessThis is the step where most people get stuck in overwhelm and overthinking — but not you!

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Discover the types of Canva products you can create
  • Know the 3 things that any profitable Canva product needs
  • Learn my signature 8-step process to create, launch and sell Canva products 
  • Create show-stopping product graphics so you can share your new product with your audience in style
  • Set up product delivery with one-and-done systems that deliver an incredible buyer experience

8-part workshop series

The Canva Product Creation Workflow

In this series of short and actionable videos, I’ll walk you through every single step of creating, launching, and selling your first Canva product. We’ll make sure no detail is left untouched, without overwhelming you with any fluff.

We’ll make sure no detail is left untouched, without overwhelming you with any fluff.

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Conduct and analyze market research to get those product ideas going
  • Validate your ideas, so you create a product that people can’t wait to buy
  • Plan your product creation around your busy schedule
  • Design, name, and price your product without second-guessing yourself or getting overwhelmed
  • Create show-stopping product graphics so you can share your new product with your audience in style
  • Set up product delivery with one-and-done systems that deliver an incredible buyer experience

Plug-and-play template

The Canva Product Description

Whip up a product description for your new Canva product in no time flat with this plug-and-play template.

You’ll learn exactly how to describe your Canva product in a way that makes it a complete no-brainer purchase.

Plug-and-play templates

The Canva Product Delivery Templates

An amazing customer experience includes a wow-worthy post-purchase experience email sequence that makes buyers feel taken care of and gives them easy access to their new product.

These templates will help you set up your product purchase sequence quickly and easily, so you can set it and forget it!

These include:

  • Post Purchase Email Sequence / Product Delivery Email Templates
  • Product Delivery PDF to give buyers a high-end experience from purchase through to delivery

Canva Product templates

The Canva Product Graphics Bundle

This bundle includes ALL the templates you need to create the must-have graphics for promoting your product on your website and social channels. Includes Product Graphics so buyers can see exactly what they are getting and square promotion graphics so you can get products in front of your ideal buyers on social.

These include:

  • Shop Product Graphics so buyers can see exactly what they’re getting
  • Square Graphic to share your products on social media
  • Stories Graphics to share your products on social + save to your highlights
Get Instant Access For Just $97

And there’s more!

Plus I’m also adding these bonuses, to help you create & sell your product even faster


A lot goes into setting up and listing your products for sale — but that shouldn’t mean getting stuck reinventing the wheel! That’s why I’m handing you some of the very same templates we use to set up our listings and deliver our products.

Bonus #1

The Canva Product Announcement Template

Ready to announce your new Canva product and share it with your audience? We’ve got you covered with this fill-in-the-blanks template.

Not only will you craft an attention-grabbing product announcement, but you’ll also learn how to repurpose it for your social media channels, email list, and wherever else makes sense for you and your audience.

Bonus #2

Product Creation Checklist

Have no clue where to start when it comes to creating a Canva product? Wish someone would hand you a stupidly simple path?

Well, wish no more, friend! This checklist walks you through every step of product creation, including what to do to set yourself up for success and what to do after your product is done so you can start making some serious sales.

Bonus #3

Product Graphics Checklist

Once you’ve created your Canva product, you’ll need some scroll-stopping graphics to help you promote it.

This checklist is your go-to list of all the graphics you need to share your new product with your audience, so they can see exactly what they’re getting and be totally blown away by what you've created (even before they buy).

Bonus #4

Product Promotion Checklist

In order for people to know about your product and start making sales from it, you need to let your audience know that you’ve created a solution for them!

This checklist walks you through some free and creative ways to share about your new product — so you can start making that money, honey!

Bonus #5

The Canva Product Moodboard Template

Creating a mood board for your template before you start creating not only saves you time but also helps you keep things on-brand and buyer-focused.

We’re throwing in the exact moodboard template WE use when designing products and collections for The Canva Template Shop, so you can totally nail the look and feel you’re going for with your product (and in way less time!).


It made the whole process very simple

I loved working through the Profitable Canva Product Formula Workbook. It reaffirmed for me that adding Canva templates to my business was a great entry offer and outlined what kind of profitable Canva products I could create.

The Canva Product Creation Outline was one of my favorites! It made the whole process from idea to product very simple. If you have been wanting a no-fluff step-by-step framework on how to get started with Canva templates to add to your product suite or maybe as a side hustle then Nicholette is your best first move to making this happen!

Jakolien Sok

Psst! Here’s a sneak peek inside...


Everything you need to create & sell your first Canva product — for just $97!

The Profitable Canva Product Formula (Training)

$197 value

The Canva Product Creation Workflow (Workshop Series)

$397 value

The Canva Product Description Template (Plug-and-Play)

$37 value

The Canva Product Delivery Templates (Plug-and-Play)

$97 value

The Canva Product Graphics Bundle (Canva Templates)

$197 value

BONUS The Canva Product Announcement Template

$57 value

BONUS Checklists for Creation, Graphics & Promotion

$97 value

BONUS Canva Product Moodboard Template

$27 value

Total Value: $1106

Today's Price: One payment of $97

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🖥️ OR Click here to turn your Canva product into a full-blown Canva Shop

Takes all the guesswork out of creating your products

For the past couple of years, I've wanted to launch my own Canva Template Shop. The course is very easy to follow along, and very detailed, and I love the step-by-step instructions. If you want to take all the guesswork out of creating your products, the Canva Product and Shop Creator Course is a no-brainer! Nicholette walks you through each step in great detail. I am more confident now than I was when I began.

Rene Kauder

Why do I know so much about selling Canva templates?

Hi, love! I’m Nicholette — business strategist, designer, and founder of the OG Canva Template Shop. (Seriously! Check us out right here.)

In 2015, I realized there was a HUGE gap in the market. I kept seeing all of these amazingly talented business owners who couldn’t afford high-end, professional design help and were struggling to piece together graphics on their own.

And so, The Canva Template Shop was born!

Over the last 7 years, I’ve helped hundreds of business owners simplify their marketing and refine their brand, with Canva Templates that allow them to create scroll-stopping, professional-looking graphics that stand out and sell online.

Selling Canva products completely changed my business and my life

Not only has it added multiple six figures of revenue to my business, but it’s also given me the freedom and flexibility to spend more time with my family and put my needs first, without being glued to my computer or phone.

And now, I want to help you do the same

I created The Canva Product Creator Course to show you the exact steps you need to follow to create, launch, and sell your very first Canva product.

I’m here to cut through all of the overwhelm and fluff and show you how simple it can be to make money from your design talents and your drive to fill a need.

It really can be that easy – I’d love to show you how

Let's get you a piece of this passive income pie

Get Instant Access for $97

Let’s recap, love

With The Canva Product Creator Course, you will:

  • Learn what types of Canva products you can create
  • Identify the most viable Canva product for your business
  • Find a place for a Canva product in your existing offer suite
  • Learn what it takes to create a truly profitable Canva product
  • Discover how to conduct easy but effective market research
  • Validate your idea before you even create your product 
  • Make a product creation plan that fits your schedule + goals
  • Create a well-designed product that matches your brand
  • Steal my top tips for creating amazing Canva products
  • Come up with an irresistible, clear name for your product
  • Price your product as a no-brainer investment, while still feeling compensated for your hard work
  • Create scroll-stopping graphics that draw buyers’ attention

Don’t just take my word for it

Seems too good to be true? They thought so, too — until they took a chance on The Canva Product Creator Course:

Opportunity to learn from a leader in the industry

I was interested in the potential of selling products that I may already be creating for myself. The course has clear and sensible instructions, and beautiful presentations. It's a great opportunity to learn from someone you can trust and respect in the world of Canva templates!!

Katherine Hunnicutt

I'm glad I bought it

We are building a niched Canva Template Shop. I loved all of the email templates, the product description templates, and the product announcement templates. They will be super helpful. This is a great course. I'm glad I bought it, and I'm really looking forward to completing the Shop Creator course, now.

Sandee Jackson

I didn't know where to start

I've been wanting to do something like this for a long time but didn't know where to start.I love all the templates! The simple step-by-step guides and how sweet Nicholette is on her videos. She's very warm.

Sonia Martinez

I'm ready to start my Etsy Store

I loved how the course was broken down into Formulas, Training, Outlines, and Templates. It was so easy to follow. The templates are very helpful. I'd say the course is worth it! You learn so much and come out feeling like you have gained from this course. You will feel more prepared than when you went in.

Maria Gagnon

On the fence?

Let’s see if I can guess what’s on your mind...

Total Value: $1106, Today's Price: $97

In just a week’s time, you could have already sold your first Canva template!

What do you say, love — are you ready to discover the easier way to add Canva products to your offer suite?


Have questions about The Canva Product Creator Course? Just drop us a message at [email protected]