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What Kajabi Can Do for Your Online Business

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Juggling all of your business tools can sometimes feel like another job in itself. ActiveCampaign, WordPress, Teachable, Facebook Groups, Dubsado; there is a tool for every facet of your business. But they’re all disconnected and you have things precariously stacked. If one thing fails, it all comes tumbling down.

That’s why I love Kajabi* and recommend it to all my clients who want to create passive income products or sell multiple offers, like courses, coaching packages, or 1:1 services. Want to find out what Kajabi can do for your online business? Keep reading!

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Kajabi offers a solid foundation

Because it offers so many ways to host your offers and content, Kajabi makes running your business simpler, streamlined, and sustainable.

It does this by bringing everything together in one seamless dashboard. Not only do you get tools that work better together—like landing pages, quizzes, video hosting, community forums, sales and checkout functions, email automations, and more—but you also no longer have to worry about things falling through the cracks. 

Why does that matter? Because the more your parts of your business work together, the more you can scale your business, love! This also lets you create multiple revenue streams, from selling 1:1 services, hosting a podcast, creating a membership service, selling products, and more! You may even free up the time and energy to jump into new projects, all while working within ONE platform.

Plus, you and your team can spend less time updating things on different platforms — and less time jumping between email, website, sales funnel, and course platforms. It’s beautiful because it means more simple processes for everyone, and more time spent on things that make your business money. 


Making Kajabi work for your brand

Kajabi is super easy to get started with (in fact, easier than most people anticipate!). That’s because they offer their own site, landing page, sales page, and other templates you can start with. But as I’m sure you know, there’s always room to step out of the box. Extraordinary businesses like yours deserve an extra dose of great design to ensure a stunning customer experience and an even stronger brand. That’s where I come in!

I am now offering semi-custom Kajabi design and implementation for websites and sales funnels! You get a tried-and-true website or sales funnel design, while also creating that custom feel that levels up your new site or offer. 

Why do you want to book our semi-custom Kajabi design services? Because, while Kajabi offers its own template options, those don’t always match your brand or your goals. Our semi-custom Kajabi templates can bridge that gap to give you a high-end design with Kajabi’s elite functionality: a match made in heaven! 


Let’s create your Kajabi site or sales funnel together

Are you curious about our semi-custom Kajabi design packages? We offer packages that serve your specific needs, based on where you want to take your business next. 

Kajabi Website Design

If you’re looking to start from scratch with a new Kajabi website or want to update an existing Kajabi site, the Website Package may be right for you. We offer up to 3 customized website pages (in addition to your legal, Instagram landing page, popup, login, and library pages).

You’ll have to bring some material to the table to get started: namely, some high-quality brand photos and the copy you want for your pages. 

Kajabi Sales Page Design

Want to add a passive income product to your website? Let’s get started with a custom or semi-custom Kajabi sales page! We provide a medium-length sales page design, up to two offer pages, and a thank you page to redirect your customers towards their next action step. 

You can also branch out beyond the usual packages with some optional add-ons! These include branding,  building out your program or course in Kajabi, adding program, social media or launch graphics, a nurture sequence, order bumps and upsells, creating a shop page, and incorporating strategy and coaching to your site.

Kajabi Pipeline Design

Kajabi has a really cool feature, called pipelines. Essentially, this is your all-in-one conversion tool — you can set up a freebie or lead magnet that then nurtures people into a paid offer, create a webinar event with follow-up sales sequences, and so much more.

With our semi-custom Kajabi services, we can help you create a “pipeline” that fits your offer, goals, and business. 

Ready to get started? 

If you’re totally new to Kajabi or you’re not sure how to elevate your current Kajabi site, I’d love to talk to you. Before we start any semi-custom design project, we have a Kajabi Strategy Call to make sure we 1.) understand your current site or sales funnel status 2.) can create what you’re looking for!

If you’re curious about our semi-custom Kajabi design services for websites and sales funnels, book a Kajabi Strategy Call. During this call, you’ll tell me what you would like to achieve and I’ll tell you how to make it happen. If you book a project, your Strategy Call Fee will be applied towards your project! 

When we get started, we’ll set up a project board in Asana and gather all the info, assets, and insights we need to produce the right deliverables the first time. You’ll always know where we are in our process! 

From there, we get to work on creating your stand-out Kajabi design. You’ll want to make yourself available to answer any questions to ensure that we can make fast progress. Then we go through a revision window, test your links and connect any necessary tech.

Last but not least, it’s time to launch! When your design is ready, we’ll send over a video to wrap up our design to-done list, and share how to access, update and use your new Kajabi designs.

I’m ready to help you take your business to the next level with Kajabi — without compromising style or what makes your brand unique. Schedule your Kajabi Consult Call today and let’s create a website or sales funnel that reflects your brand and drives conversions!

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