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The New Insta-Trend: Shareable Graphics

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You’ve seen them, we’ve all seen them.

They’re fun, well-branded + addictive to boot. But only the “big” gals on the ‘Gram or the web design gurus seem to be creating them.

You know what I’m talking about: The Instagram Story Shareables.

The fun game trending on Instagram that allows users to share their content by having their followers fill in the blanks to random q’s, play “this or that” and answer other pieces that allow their own followers to get to know them better.

Here’s why I personally love the Shareables:

1. A Fun Way to Survey Your Peeps

I love seeing what the gals in my heart are up to, what they want to see more of + what they’re probably a little sick and tired of. It will not only make you a better content creator, but a better biz boss too!

2. Allows Your Community to Share Your Visuals

Not only are you creating something of value for your tribe, but you’re also participating in a little PR! You should always put a watermark somewhere on your template + the people who share your template usually tag you too — getting more eyes on your brand! What’s not to love?

3. You Can Incorporate It Into Anything

It’s so fun seeing how people choose to incorporate them into their businesses to create more organic goodies their peeps will like. I chose to use it in my latest challenge and it worked out so well! You can see what I did, here.

In fact, when I created the #bizinvisuals challenge my tribe loved the new trend of creating graphics "templates" that their tribe can share, like the one above, so much that (obviously) I just had to deliver a great way they could make their InstaDreams come to life!

Brand, share + spread the visual love, plus have more fun with your peeps on Stories/social!

Tell me: What do you think about the IG Shareables? How have you incorporated them into your social media game plan? Let’s chat in the comments! Xo

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