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The Easy Way to Create Attention Grabbing Product Mockups



Alright, ladies. I’ll let you in on a little snippet of what we’re about to dive into in this training.

We’ll be covering:

  • Where + how to use product mockups in your business
  • 3 great resources to find on-brand mockups your tribe will love
  • Two easy-peasy ways to add an image to your mockup in Canva
  • Bonus tips to create mockups that look real and professional



And some IRL examples of what you’ll be able to create by the end.

*cue your Boss Babe Anthem playlist*



A Quick Video Recap:

00:17  What to use product mockups for

01:05  3 resources for mockups

01:50  The different types of mockups

02:12  Looking at your tablet or phone for reference

02:41  Stey by Step instructions to add your images to your mockups

04:05  Using a premade/designed image

07:10  Horizontal images and screenshots


Some Bonus Goodies For My Loves:

  1. Be sure that the mockups you’re creating are cohesive with the rest of your brand — you want things you’re presenting to look uniformed + fab.
  2. Prep graphics + screenshots needed ahead of time to stay ahead of the game — total time saver!
  3. My Motto? Try before you buy! I like to screenshot the mockups I really love first, and then put them into Canva to see how they work with my current graphics. Then, I simply buy the ones that worked the best of the best + replace them with high-res versions. Bam!
  4. Remember to pick mockups that don’t have any obstructions on the screen — a big “no-no.”
  5. Pro Tip: Leave a thin black/white border around the edges of your images + use your device(s) for reference.
  6. On a Mac, press Command + Shift + 4 to take a custom-size screenshot.
  7. Zoom in on your image to reposition or alter the size of your image like a graphic design master.
  8. Crop smaller sections at a time to get the dimensions just right.


STILL HAVE QUESTIONS? Ask your question in the comments section + I’ll get back to ya ASAP, love! xo


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