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Startward Consulting Brand Redesign [Client Spotlight]

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There’s something so magical and transformative about a makeover… don’t you think?

What may look like a simple, refreshed design on the outside, actually represents HUGE steps they’re taking toward reaching their goals + transforming their business!  And, when done right, these small changes change everything — from delivering a better user experience that gets more leads + conversions, to giving more authority in their niche. 

If you know me, you know my favorite part of my job is working with my clients. Getting to walk alongside them as they transform their businesses + brand is the BEST! And when I get to share about their AMAZING businesses with you… it’s like the cherry on top.

And since there’s nothing I love more than making introductions between a couple of amazing entrepreneurs, friend. So today, I thought I’d take a second to introduce you to Maureen.


A Bit of Background on Maureen

Maureen is the super talented business coach behind Startward Consulting. She’s passionate about combining marketing know-how with real science to help her clients develop business strategies that set them up for real success.

Maureen has worked as a Brand Growth Strategist with some of America's most beloved brands — like L'Oréal, Chobani, Dove, and Lays — and uses her experience to teach entrepreneurs the growth strategies they need to build brand obsession and maximize sales for their product-based businesses.

The Goal of Maureen’s Project

When Maureen and I met, she was planning + preparing to launch her program, The Product Profit Lab, but was feeling crazy overwhelmed.

Maureen LOVES creating content to help business owners grow their brand, but had no time in her busy life to actually make that content look beautiful.

She felt like her visuals and online presence didn’t match the amazing, high-quality transformation she was making in her clients’ lives… but she didn’t have time to fix it on her own.

(Any of that sound familiar, friend?)

Maureen decided it was time to hire a designer, so she could get back to the parts of her biz that she actually enjoyed — and that made the most impact!

You know I loooove working with clients to perfect their brands + launches, so when Maureen came to me wanting to…

  • Rebrand her online presence,
  • Revamp her program + pages inside of Kajabi, AND
  • Plan + design all of the graphics for her launch…

How could I say no?! 

(Not only is she wicked smart, she’s also the most adorable human. Seriously, it’s hard to say no to her 😉)

Before Maureen’s Project

Everyone loves a good before + after, so let’s take a peek at Maureen’s. 😍 

Here’s a before pic of Maureen’s brand + visuals: 

The truth is, your visual brand is often the first impression someone has of your business. It has the power to give you more authority + deliver a better user experience, ultimately driving more leads + conversions.

We approached the project with Maureen’s upcoming launch in mind. We knew that with the right changes, we could showcase her brand in a completely different light, helping her reach her launch goals and feel totally put-together while doing it.

After the Brand Re-Design

Are you ready for that after pic reveal?!

Maureen’s new branding is bold, powerful, and visually attractive.

We used her new branding to build a challenge opt-in page for her Profit Masterclass that would instantly connect with her ideal clients + communicate the amazing value that she was offering them.

Because beautiful design is about more than just visuals. I mean, check out these almost instant results:


PLUS her Kajabi landing pages (like the opt-in page for her Profit Masterclass) are converting between 15-31%... and we haven’t even redesigned her website yet!

Ready for your makeover, friend?

I wanted to make that introduction to show you what’s possible, love.

You CAN make a bigger visual impact online — one that has a direct impact on your bottom line — without working tirelessly to figure it out on your own.

If you have a launch coming up (or some other project you’re dying to take action on), I’d love to help. Whether you want to streamline your graphics game or set up your Kajabi site, offerings + back end so you can get your big ideas out into the world faster — with less stress + and more celebratory champagne — let’s chat.

Click here to connect with me, or feel free to pop me an email at any time at [email protected]. Let's find out if we’re the perfect match.

To beautiful brands + successful launches.

xo, Nicholette

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