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Marci McAvoy Graphic Design [Client Spotlight]

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If you’ve been following along with me for a while, you know I LOVE my clients. Getting to work with so many amazing biz owners to transform their businesses + brands lights my heart on fire! And getting to share about their AMAZING businesses with you… it really is the best. 😍

My favorite part of a project is when we sit down together to brainstorm + dream about the future of my client’s biz. Once we start talking about their mission, vision, values + goals — the real magic of what they do — we can start working to transform their business from the inside out. 

What may look like some color swaps + fresh design on the outside, actually represents HUGE steps they’re taking toward reaching their goals + transforming their business! 

You’ve gotta see it to believe it. Which is why I’m so excited to share this before + after story with you today, friend.

A Bit of Background on Marci

I am so excited to introduce you to my client + friend, Marci. 

Marci is the founder + organizer behind Marci McAvoy Home Organizing. What I love most about her is that she’s always ready to share easy tips + practical solutions to help her clients create more flow, function and happiness in their homes.

"I help busy moms simplify their lives by decluttering their homes + creating beautiful, functional spaces where their families can thrive. I believe that getting organized is more than just creating stylish, functional spaces — it’s about simple systems that make maintenance feel easy, and homes that offer calm and comfort for your family."

The Goal of Marci’s Project

Marci and I connected because she had a very successful, in-person organizing business, but she needed help creating + implementing a plan to up-level her online presence. She’d worked with a very talented designer who helped her build a stunning visual brand, but she struggled to put those new brand guidelines to action.

Marci already had the core of her visual brand, she just needed a plan to make it work for her. Our first goal in working together was to transform Marci’s social media presence + web presence so that she could connect with + convert potential clients.

In our few short months of working together, we’ve accomplished SO much more than that. But today, I’m excited to share about phase one of our project: graphics!

Before Marci’s Project

Marci was equipped with stunning brand colors, fonts, logos + patterns and had started working to implement them in her graphics. After playing around in Canva, Marci realized that designing graphics didn’t excite her. She would much rather spend her time + energy focusing on her zone of genius — creating organizing resources — and outsource the design side of her business.

When Marci + I started working together, I learned she had BIG dreams for her business that had way more to do with just creating pretty graphics. She had big ideas to create and share valuable, actionable resources for her clients and audience + was ready to get some help so that she could implement them.

Marci + I developed a plan to bring her business online, including:

  • creating free + paid resources for her clients 
  • building her social media presence 
  • revamping her website
  • starting an email list
  • the list goes on! 

Once we created a clear plan for the direction Marci wanted to take her business, we got to work!

Marci’s NEW Graphics (The big reveal!)

Drum roll, please…

As you can see, we made some bold changes to Marci’s graphics! We pulled in all of her gorgeous brand colors + created graphics that are much more high-end + visually attractive.

While creating these graphics, we worked simultaneously to launch Marci’s emails list, re-brand her Instagram + Facebook page, and begin work on her new website. As her visual brand manager and strategist, I helped Marci implement these graphics + trained her to repurpose them so she felt excited + empowered to take hold of her online presence.

What’s New for Marci McAvoy Home Organizing

You can already see that Marci’s visual brand is so much more polished and professional. But, just like any good transformation, this graphics project was about soooo much more than what’s on the outside!

What you can’t see by simply looking at that ‘after’ shot is:

  • A brand new blog (+ a first blog post!) where Marci is able to share her organizing knowledge with the world 
  • The launch of Marci’s first digital freebie — the Organizing ‘Quick Wins’ Printable
  • Marci’s very first newsletter created + sent to her shiny new email list
  • A newfound confidence + direction for sharing about Marci McAvoy Home Organizing on Instagram (using some of her new graphics of course 😉)

Taking the leap + bringing your business online can feel like a massive, scary undertaking. But, taking the leap to get help will not only boost your confidence (+ give you the time + energy to focus on your zone of genius!), it will also increase your revenue. 🤑

Having a polished + professional online presence can help you reach so many more people, and will give you a chance to connect with them on a day-to-day basis… which can have a HUGE impact on your ability to convert them into paying clients!

Is it your turn to revamp your visual presence?

If you’re like Marci — you’re amazing at what you do + have a beautiful vision for your business, but struggle to make it happen — I want you to know that with the right support, you can bring that vision to life. 

You + your biz are capable of so much more than you ever imagined. And sometimes all it takes is small changes — as long as they’re the right ones. 😉

Whether you want to totally uplevel your brand or are just looking for some strategic support for the next step in your business, I’d love to chat about how I can help. 

Click here to connect with me, or feel free to pop me an email at any time at [email protected]. Let's find out if we’re the perfect match.

To beautiful brands + streamlined systems.

xo, Nicholette

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