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How to Style your Pinterest

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In my last post we discussed how to make Pinterest work for your business, but in this post I wanted to cover another important thing that so many people using the platform for business overlook: How to Style Your Pinterest.

But what’s a boss lady to do when they’re unsure how to style their Pinterest page to the likes of Jenna Kutcher or the Tone It Up girls?

I’ve gotcha covered, love.



1. Aesthetic

At the top of my list is the overall aesthetic. When creating visuals for your social media platforms, you have to think about your branding — because it has to reflect all of the hard effort you’re already putting in. Keep in mind your brand colors, fonts + style of photos that makes you, you — your visuals should echo the same fab vibe you usually give off.

One of my tips? 

Pull up your mood board and design your Pinterest visuals in Canva side by side! If your images were a part of the same fashion show, would they all be from the same designer?


2. To Brand Cover or Not to Brand Cover?

If you (or your VA) has the extra time, totally go for them and create them using the power of Canva.

Simply make a 340 x 340 px visual so they fit the correct Pinterest dimensions and then copy and duplicate for the others (changing the cover name, of course!)

You can check out mine, here, (just photos and image) and serious boss extraordinaire, Love Kait Design Studios, here for the brand cover look.. 

If it’s not something that's worthy of spending time on, simply select a brand photo that has the same vibe as your brand like the fab, Ivory Mix.

My tip? Check these often. Pinterest sometimes switches your chosen cover image out which can be a pain when you spent time choosing the perfect one for your biz!

A Bonus Tip: Make your first board all about your blog +/or website so people can easily find your top posts.


3. Business is Business

One question I get a lot is, “Should I create private boards for things I love for strictly personal use?” and my answer is, if your ideal target market wouldn’t love it, create a separate (private) board. Sure, you may not be the one selling bedroom decor items, but if you have an interior design firm and your ideal guys and gals would love that sort of thing, keep it up. The cute cat photos? Maybe not.


And there you have it, babe — have more q’s on how to style your Pinterest? Let me know in the comments + let’s work on your a! xo


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