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How to Have the Best IGTV Channel That Ever Was

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By now, you know that my love for IGTV runs deep, but giiiiirl, when I say that I know it isn’t easy, I feel you!

After all, it is another thing to plan on your content calendar and then cross your fingers + toes that your audience likes it.

But I like to think I’ve got my formula down to a science and wanted to share it with you all today.

This is how you can use it too:


1. Determine What to Share

I like to keep a running card on my “Social” Trello board of new ideas that arise. This allows me to jot down random ideas from the convenience of my trusty rose gold iPhone + gives me a wild kratt.

Some ideas are:

  • BTS (behind the scenes) looks of what you’re up to in your biz — give your peeps a sneak peek of the magic you’re up to + ask for their input! What do they want to see? What do they think you’ll be revealing next? This will help you better connect with your tribe + increase engagement rates. Woot!
  • Takeovers. Collab with a complementary biz babe that you know your audience would adore + takeover each other's channel for the day showing their tribe what magic you create in your biz and how you may be able to serve them. Don’t forget to make this super jam-packed with value!
  • Tutorials. Give your people a tutorial on whatever your specialty is. Think about why they’re following you! Nutritionist? Share how you make your morning adaptogen blend smoothie! Natural Beauty Enthusiast? Give us a sneak peek into how you do your morning makeup routine! Craft Extraordinaire? Teach us mere mortals how to create fun back-to-school gifts for our children’s teachers! 
  • Unboxings. I loooove watching unboxing videos — something about being nosey and you don’t have to care. Hahaha. Once again, remember why your audience is here to watch + show them unboxings of items that you think they’d be interested in. 
  • Team Introductions. So many people adore this idea + for good reason! People respond well to people. Easy as 1, 2, 3. Show them who the people are who are producing their goods, posting to your SM channels, responding to their emails.
  • Challenges. Everyone loves a good challenge because it’s a fabulous way to connect with others who share the same interests + get involved in a world where running an online business is primarily, well, online. Create one that goes along with your biz + get to chattin’ on the ‘Gram!

2. Create a Recipe That Screams YOU!

Having a simplistic way to break down each video is a must so you’re not letting it hold you back come recording day. My favorite way to present info to my gals (+ what peeps seem to have responded best to) is:

  1. Introduction to the topic — whatcha talking about??
  2. Tip 1
  3. Tip 2
  4. Tip 3
  5. Why you think it’s awesome or how your tribe could potentially benefit.
  6. Conclusion + prompt q’s!

Easier than making a PB&J, right? ;)

3. Get to Visual-izing

Visuals are important when determining your IGTV success — but how’s a boss supposed to know what to prep?

You’ll want graphics that encourage + inspire connection. These include:

  • Episode Numbers — people like to keep track of where they’re at in your queue!
  • Your Channel, Series or Challenge Name — personalize it, always.
  • Title + Subtitle — People have to know what they’re diving into!
  • Little nuggets that encourage people to move onto the next step, liiiike:
    1. "Get the download at"
    2. “IG takeover by”
    3. “Tune in at”
    4. “View the vid at”
    5. “IGTV + chill now”
    6. “Grab a cup and join me!”

And if you’re not into creating your own graphics? Check out this full IGTV template pack, here.

Alright, love: Time for you to tell me! What other Q’s do ya have about IGTV? I’m awaiting with my A! ;)

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