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How to Create Your Worksheets in Canva


Worksheets and workbooks are a great way to educate your audience, give more value and add credibility to your name.

It’s also trendy to use them as content upgrades for more information or in courses or your membership site to help guide your members through a step-by-step process.




Essentially, they’re the same thing. 

I design my workbooks with a front and back cover. It’s like a mini ebook, but with sections to write down notes and answers if needed. And since I’m putting a lot of work into these, I want my readers to feel that they’re getting a high-quality product from me. A beautifully designed workbook draws your readers in and gets them excited about your work.

Worksheets, on the other hand, get to the point of the subject matter faster and will include branding elements and your name, but it won’t always have the cover page. 

Worksheets are perfect for quick tutorials or courses where you want to be respectful of your students time, or you have a few different worksheets and want to keep the number of pages to print or download low.

Pro Tip:
Include ONE call to action (CTA) on the last page. Examples - What do you want me to do next? Learn more here, share your design here, join the group etc.


1. Choose one goal for your worksheet

What do you want your readers to get out of your workbook or worksheet? What problem will your worksheet solve? If your worksheet has one clear purpose it will be easier to create and easier for your reader to digest.

Will it help them map out their mission statement or understand the steps involved to hire a Virtual Assistant (VA). Will it be a reference sheet to save them time or walk them through a challenging Tech hack?

2. Choose a clear headline

You need a good name to entice your ideal audience to opt-in for your worksheet. It should be descriptive and the problem that you will help solve should be clear.

Pro Tip:
The name of your worksheet should be on every page, including the cover page, for practical and branding reasons. You can also include your name or biz page on every page to make it easy for readers to keep pages together if they print out the worksheet.

3. Use your brand elements

Include your logo and URL in the footer so it’s easy for readers to click through to your site.

Use the brand elements that you use on your site and social media for your all your visuals – including your worksheets. Repetition of these branding elements will help users recognize and understand your brand and it makes your life easier when you design your worksheets.

Be clear on your brand elements ahead of time. (See how to
create your brand and mood board here).

Pro tip:
Make sure your text and fonts are easy to read. Go for clear over trendy.


1. Include page numbers for workbooks over 5 pages.

This helps people know in what order things go, especially if they print out their worksheet and the printer acts up or they print alternative pages but still want to keep things in order.

Page numbers will also give readers an indication of how big (or valuable) the worksheet is, or on what page they need to pick up their reading.


2. Include a section for notes.

If you’re sharing a few key points or a lot of information consider adding a notes section so your readers can add their own notes without writing it on the side or use a separate notebook. Help them keep the information in your one place - your PDF.

One of the main objectives with any graphic is to delight and impress your readers instead of confusing and frustrating them. Always think of how you can make things more clear, more helpful and more on brand.


3.  Save your worksheet as a PDF.

In your Canva design go to Download > as Print-ready PDF.

Pro tip:
Make your PDF fillable on PDF.escape.

There you have it. You’re practically a worksheet creating wizard now. If you’ve been pulling out your hair in frustration trying to create your worksheets in Canva without much success, I can take the stress out of producing professional-looking worksheets for you. 

My Canva worksheet templates come with two easy layouts that help you whip up your next worksheet in no time.

Past clients have called my templates high-quality, beautiful, elegant and a tremendous timesaver – plus other flattering adjectives (blush). Say “goodbye” too inconsistent visuals and “heck yes to beautiful graphics that hook your readers and keep them coming back for more.

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