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How to Create Gorgeous Branded Patterns in Canva


One way to feel like your brand is the Belle of the Ball? Branded Patterns!

There are absolutely incredible ones you can find on Creative Market and Etsy, and the wonderful Rachel from Haute Stock also includes curated beautiful options in her monthly Graphics Pack.

Need them in your brand colors? Want to try your hand at creating your own? Canva has amazing options to your visuals to the next level!

Even better? You can create them custom!

Simply watch the video below to learn how to create your own branded + unique patterns using the power of Canva.

 3 Steps for Creating Gorgeous Branded Patterns in Canva

STEP 1: Select Your Design Size

Select the size you want to use for your pattern. Do you want a square, horizontal or vertical design? I usually create mine using 2500 x 2500 pixels.


STEP 2: Create Your Pattern

Option 1: Choose one of Canva’s existing patterns

Click to the elements or background tab + scroll down to see your options.

To make this easier, you can type “patterns” into the search box.


Pro Tip: Try to select patterns that are free to save a little money, honey.

Option 2: Choose one of Canva’s lovely existing elements

It allows you to select an element of theirs — like a flower, spiral or even a coffee mug + repeat it to create your own handy dandy pattern. Most of these elements allow you to change the colors to fit your brand making this a true gem in the world of DIY graphic design.


Option 3: Use Your Own Elements

Already have your own icons you’re hoping to use? Use them in a creative way to curate a custom pattern for your visuals.

Pro Tip: Make sure that the elements are seamless on all sides!


STEP 3: Download + Upload Your Patterns

Once you’ve made your masterpiece (lookout, Picasso!) Save it + download it in both JPG and PNG formats.

Once that’s complete, import them into a patterns “project” folder or your Brand Kit section so you can reuse them with ease later on.

Cheers to creating some incredible pieces to enhance your (already gorgeous) brand! xo


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