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Ciara Stockeland Brand + Graphics Redesign [Client Spotlight]

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Since we started offering VIP Design Days, we’ve been getting the same question over + over….

“What can you really accomplish in a day?”

Our clients are usually surprised when they hear just how much my team + I can do when we book an entire day on our calendar to dedicate ALL of our attention to your design to-do list, upcoming launch, or Kajabi wishlist items. 

But what better way to explain exactly what we can get done in a single day than to show you! 😉

Let me introduce you to one of our VIP Design Day clients, Ciara.

A Bit of Background on Ciara

Ciara is a serial entrepreneur who has owned and operated businesses since she was a teenager. 

In 2006, she opened her first retail store: a high-end maternity boutique. After much success with her first (and second!) boutique, she’s become a mentor and coach for boutique owners all across the country.

“Hi! I’m Ciara. I help boutique owners take complicated tasks and break them down into simple, bite-sized, actionable steps so they can make more sales without adding more to their plate. A former boutique owner myself, I understand what it feels like to be overwhelmed, trying to figure out all the "things." I grew my boutique into a seven-figure retail business, and now I specialize in working with boutique owners just like you take your business to the next level.”

The Goal of Ciara’s First 2 VIP Days

When Ciara reached out to us, she was preparing to launch her 7-Day Boutique Social Selling Challenge. She had been running a successful membership, along with workshops + challenges, long before we met her… but she was ready to build a visual brand that matched the high-end caliber of the business she was already running.

There’s nothing I love more than working with clients to perfect their brands + visuals, so when Ciara came to us wanting to…

  • Rebrand her visual presence,
  • Design the graphics for her launch + programs, AND
  • Revamp her sales page + program inside of Kajabi...

There was no way I could pass it up!

Before the VIP Days

Ciara’s brand went through quite a transformation in just a few days. 

I know how much everyone loves a good before + after, so I’m so excited to share this one with you. 😉

Here’s a before pic of Ciara’s brand + visuals: 

Ciara had a simple set of brand colors and fonts that she used to guide her visual presence, but she knew she needed a revamp. 

In her pre-project branding questionnaire, Ciara shared that her clients often double their sales in 60 days, see profit in just months, and become more confident business owners when working with her — and she wanted her brand to communicate the value she was offering to her clients!

With the right brand guidelines in place, your visual presence has the power to give you more authority and deliver a better user experience, ultimately driving more leads and conversions. 

So, in Ciara’s case, we knew we could make some powerful changes to showcase her brand in a completely different light, helping her reach her biz goals and feel soooo good doing it.

Ciara’s New Brand + Graphics (The Big Reveal!)

Are you ready to see Ciara’s new brand?!

Drum roll, please…

After working through some branding exercises together, our team was able to develop a brand that truly encompassed Ciara’s heart, passion and vision. Her new branding is simple, clean and fun.

On top of having new and beautiful graphics, Ciara also walked away from our VIP days together with a set of brand guidelines and Canva templates that her team could implement right away in her business, so she can have beautiful, consistent visuals without spending hours and hours to do it. 

Future VIP Days for Ciara

We clearly accomplished a LOT in our first two VIP days, but Ciara had even bigger plans in mind. (LOVE that!)

Once we wrapped up Ciara’s brand and graphics, we moved on to her Sales Page and Kajabi Programs. In just a few days, we were able to create a STUNNING web page to promote her 7-Day Challenge, and re-brand the program inside of Kajabi!

You can see a sneak peek below (😍). We can’t wait to share more about our Sales Page design process in another blog post!

Are you ready to revamp your branding, too?

My day rate service is the perfect option if you want to work with me as your designer and strategist to set up, style, + streamline your visual content for your business, programs, membership, or upcoming launch.

From launches to sales pages, streamlining your graphics to branding your membership, organizing your templates to prepping your next amazing masterclass — you’ll be amazed what we can accomplish in a single, laser-focused day together.

Click here to learn more about my VIP Day Service, or feel free to pop me an email at any time at [email protected]. Let's find out if we’re the perfect match.

To beautiful brands.

xo, Nicholette

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