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Canva Template Design Made Easy


Do you dream of creating your own editable Canva templates and adding it as a new or additional offer for your clients?

Whether you already know the basics or just want to take it to the next level, here is my 3 step system for creating my own editable, Canva templates for my peeps.

Ready to set up shop like a pro? Let's go!


3 Steps For Creating Your Own Editable Canva Templates

1.  Develop your strategy

 What will draw your tribe to your designs? We can’t be everyone's Starbucks order, but let's make sure you impress the right peeps. Think about the person you want to help, their unique challenges and then identify the solution you want to solve using your Canva skills.

Questions to ask yourself:
What are their biggest challenges? What product or solutions would help them with this? How they will use it, get to it, and how will it be different?

Do they feel stuck with design, to they lack the creative vision to start from scratch, do they need a full-fledged solution for their blog or Instagram or do they simply lack the motivation to create their own gorgeous graphics. 

Grab your notebook and journal these out. Even better, survey your tribe.


2.  Develop your system

Before you start creating, you want to think about how you will you set up your templates, keep them organized and share them with your tribe?

I use a Trello board to help guide my process from start to finish, and to plug in every piece of my promotion puzzle as I create my templates. 

NOTE: In order to share your Canva designs, you have to use Canva fonts only. This is a legality for Canva, as they have no way of knowing if the people you are sharing your designs with actually have the purchased font.


3Develop your shop

Where and how will you host or sell your work?  Are you going to create a shop on your website, use Shopify, or are you going to sell them on Creative Market or Etsy? Is it an add-on for existing clients only or are you making your master pieces available for your whole tribe to buy? 

Once you know what you want to create, it's easier to get started.

TIP: Start thinking through the look, feel and function of your store and check out pages. Then reverse engineer the templates you want to create from there.

Bonus tip: Keep it super simple

As creatives, we want to wow our clients and demonstrate how different and unique our work is. The best designs are simple, elegant and easy to customize from brand to brand.

Try not to give your clients too many options and eliminate decision fatigue for them. Remember we’re trying to offer a unique solution for their problem.

Once you’ve created your design, go over and see how you can simplify it even more.

Want to learn my exact formula to create, sell, share
and maintain my own Canva Templates?

Learn more about the Canva Template Lab, and take your designs from elementary to upscale.

The Canva Template Lab is an ongoing membership program that will teach you how to create and sell your own editable Canva templates––from creation to delivery to promotion–and set up shop like a true professional.

You’ll learn everything from
1. creating your strategy for creating your own signature style
2. creating your own templates + setting up shop
3. helping your clients uplevel their visuals
4. the final stage of selling and maintaining your systems effortlessly

It’s possible for you to create awesome-looking, easy-to-share reusable templates and set up your very own Canva template shop!

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