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5 Tips to Make Your Ads Stand Out


Question! What did your first ever Instagram post look like? Valencia filter? Awkward cropping? Blurry selfie feat. the famous duck lips?

Go on, take a scroll! Time for a blast from the past. 

Mine looked a little something like this:

Ahhhh a foodie shot. Instagram in its prime. 

Was my quinoa salad on cauliflower delish? YES. Was it stop-the-scroll worthy? Nope.. Probably why it only got 12 likes.

One look at this photo and I know it’s not worthy of being an Insta ad. Even if you’ve never created a social media ad before, I bet you also knew that a photo of my lunch from 4 years ago is sooooo not worthy of paid promotion.  



SO, what does go into a good social media ad?

If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, I want you to know we’ve all been there. Even me!

The kick-ass biz owners you see killing it all over your social feeds didn’t wake up one day knowing exactly how to design + write an amazing Facebook ad. It comes from trial and error, and plenty of practice.

Luckily for you, I've figured out what makes ads stand out + gets your ideal clients to stop scrolling, and start clicking on your ad.

Ready? Let’s take your Facebook and Instagram ads to the next level. 

1. Use headlines in your images

Popping your most important message right on your graphics is super important, especially on Insta and stories. Otherwise, people are gonna think it’s just another pretty pic on their feed. 

TIP: Use THEIR words. People want connection - they want to connect with someone that is real and get it. Listen to what your clients and customers are saying (in emails or messages to you, in surveys, group threads or comments) and use those EXACT words or phrases in your headline copy.

Feeling stuck? We’re sharing Amy Crane’s best-performing ad copy in our Ad template bundle. Click here.

2. Ask questions

Grab your reader’s attention by hooking them with a VIQ - very important question. It’ll make them feel like you really want to connect with them, and like you’re reaching through the screen and speaking right to them. (In a totally non creepy way.)

Example: Want our headline templates? Free Download

3. Clarify what’s in it for them 

We’re ALL busy, so if someone stops to look and read your ad, make it worth their while! Be crystal clear on how you’re serving them with what you have to say and offer. 

4. Graphics are everything!

Yes, the copy you use is super important, but it’s your graphics that get people to actually #stopthescroll and pay attention. 

Your image is the #1 thing that gets users to STOP scrolling. 

If you can catch their eye with a great image then you’re on the right track. If you don’t - you’re just wasting money.

So how do you create something that stands out in the feed vs getting lost in all the noise?  You want your images to be on brand, but that will still stand out on the feed. It has to be unique and clearly communicate what your offer is. It’s a lot to cram into one little graphic.

One of the reasons we created our Ad Template Bundle is because we wanted to make sure your graphics are well designed and give you SO many fun ways to be creative with your message, no matter the platform - FB, IG and Stories.

No need to hire a designer or feel frustrated with DIY. We’ve got you. 

5. Templates and flows save the day!

Repeat after me: you don’t have to do everything from scratch! Having templates on hand to grab, customize, and GO allows you to streamline your ad creation process, saving you soooo much time… not to mention sanity, money, brain space.

Templates also make it super simple to share with VA’s, social media managers or other members of your team. 

This is the #1 reason we created the Ad Template Bundle. We wanted to make sure you have everything you need to create GORGEOUS Facebook & IG Ads. 

We both know there are a million other things you would rather be doing -- drinking wine, taking a nap, hanging out with your family, snuggling with your pup - whatever it is.

And these templates are so crazy simple to use that you can create your own beautiful FB and IG ads in less than 30 minutes.

TIP: Once you know what works - stick with it. There’s no point in starting from scratch EVERY time you want to create an ad.

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