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5 Tips for Selling Your First Canva Template


If there’s one thing I love: It’s creating Canva templates. (Okay, and my family + Pomeranians. Obvs.) 

If there’s another thing I love, it’s talking about creating Canva templates.

In fact, people ask me all the time how in the heck I create and sell my editable Canva templates. From graphic designers to VAs to network marketers to biz babes with an eye for design, everybody wants to know my secrets. Good thing I’m a giver and absolutely love to share ‘em! ;)

I’m writing you today to do just that.

Below, I walk you through the 5 steps you need to take to create your first ever editable Canva template product.


Step 1: Assess your skills

What makes you so different?
First of all, you need to know what problem you solve (or will solve) for your dreamies. What do peeps say you’re good at? What do you do that makes you wonder, “How in the world do other peeps not know this?”– and how can you create a product that will bridge that gap for your ideal clients?

Maybe you’re the girl who creates super cute content upgrades. Or the girl who rocks out the Instagram quote pics. Or maybe you’re the girl who literally has the best Facebook cover photo ever. Figure out your thing (or things)–and own it!

TIP: Make a list of common pain points your dreamies have and then list 3 solutions you could provide to them. Circle the ones that spark joy (Marie Kondo Style!) and that you feel you can do easily or without spending more money.

Step 2: Assess your clients

Now it’s time to get reacquainted with your dreamies. Who are they exactly? Where do they spend their time? What are their technical skills and what have they purchased from you before? Where do they spend their time on social–like, are they Instagram influencers or Facebook fanatics? And more importantly, what graphics do they need for these spaces? Where do they feel stuck? Where are their visuals stuck?

TIP: Not sure? No biggie. You don’t have to know it all–you can let them tell you! Survey your peeps. Ask them in a thread or your own Facebook group or with permission in another group. Or just pop the Q to some of your closest online peeps. And don’t forget to also ‘pop’ open a fresh Google Doc to note down their feedback for easy reference!

Step 3: Assess your tools

We already know you need Canva to make Canva templates. Duh. ;) But what else do you already have in your digital toolbox that might help? For me, it’s my computer, my Trello account, Google Docs, knowledge of (and access) to great brand element places (like Creative Market, for example )– and even relationships with some fab stock photographers.

What do you already have access to, to help create killer templates? And what else do you need to get moving and creating templates you love?  Make a list of both (the universe is watching)–and then get to work with what you’ve got!

TIP: Keep it super simple! Don’t invest in expensive things if you don’t need to. (And if you do need a budget-friendly option, keep in mind Canva Pro is only $9.95-12.95 a month!)

Step 4: Assess your style

Let’s talk style, babe. And let’s start with the most obvious: Color! Think about it: What are the prominent colors in your wardrobe and the general style/vibe of your home?

Then, ask yourself: Does this come across in my branding? Or do you have other specific styles you want to target in the digiverse?

Thinking about the vibe you want your templates to have before you create them (and maybe testing them on your market to see if it’s what they want) will save you MAJOR time–and save you from possibly launching to crickets.  

TIP: Start an inspiration folder on your Dropbox or a Pinterest board of styles you think suit your brand or ideal clients. Or, if you feel like a particular ‘style’ is missing in the online space (like say, “grungy chic”–that’s gotta be a thing, right?), ask yourself if YOU can fill it!


Step 5: Assess your products

There are SO many Canva products and templates you can create to help your ideal clients! What do you feel compelled to create? Brainstorm your ideas. Then, circle the ones that make you feel excited and that feels unique.

And just because I love ya, here’s some potential Canva product #inspo:

DIGITAL: PowerPoint or LinkedIn visuals, event visuals, opt-in solutions, logo sets, icons, home binder templates, ebooks, podcast graphics, calendars, planners, email templates, letterhead templates (and seriously sooo much more!)

PRINT: Business cards, thank you cards, basically any cards! ;)  (Personal touches matter–and cards are an incredible and highly-underutilized way for your clients to show their clients they care. Why not make it super easy for them?)


If you feel any resistance around all this, take a quick minute to assess what’s holding you back. Seriously: What’s really going on? Are you afraid you’re “not talented enough” to charge for your services? Or that you’ll work crazy hours on (yet another) project that flops and totally wasn’t worth the time it took away from your fam?

Get to the root of the problem–and then, reassure yourself that there’s really no way you can fail because there IS someone in the world who can (and is waiting to be!) served by your unique skills! (And if YOU don’t serve them, you best believe someone else will. So why NOT you?!)

Did that help? Are you buzzing with ideas, or are you still feeling stuck on creating your first product?

If it’s the former, yay! And if it’s the latter, good news: You’ve got options, babe!

Option 1: Comment below and let me know where you feel stuck. I’d love to help you out.

Option 2: Get your booty in the Canva Template Lab!

As you may know, The Canva Template Lab is currently open for enrollment (at a super low-low founders price). This ongoing membership was designed SPECIFICALLY to teach you how to create and sell your own editable Canva templates and set up shop online. You’ll learn it all–from developing your strategy (aka what’s your plan?) to developing your system (aka how to set up and share templates) to developing your shop (aka how to share, sell and promote your templates) to simplifying–and maintaining–it all (with style, of course). ;) 

Oh, and did I mention that even though CTL is technically a membership site, there are even a few spots to work with me 1:1 and get further with your goals faster? Yup. Totally true!

Sound groovy?


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