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what you're navigating in your business

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Business insights | $222

Business Reading

Your body holds energy, and so does your business. It is a part of you like your soul is part of your human. Whether you have a specific question, want to know what 2024 holds for you, or just need general guidance this 30-minute reading will give you valuable insights into your business.

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Strategy + energetics | $555

Business Mapping

Want energetics and strategy? I've got you.
I connect with your business purpose and help you break down what you need to focus on right now or this year. Once we tap in and set up offers, systems, and strategies aligned with your purpose you'll never want to go back to doing business any other way.

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Design + execution | From $3000

Business Design

Simple, timeless, and elegant is my love language — and the secret behind the results I get for my clients. Allow me to take over and create the ultimate vision for your business. Strategy, design, systems: it’s all done for you. Design in alignment with your genius, your energy, and your brand.

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You're here for big things

Psychic business support

you have a unique destiny and so does your business

We'll connect with your unique path, find the blocks, the potential, and the magic, and elevate all the facets of who you are and who you came here to be.

No more looking for outside validation. This is you, co-creating with your soul and spirit team. This is you connecting with your higher purpose, identifying what needs to be shifted, and creating a business, offers, and systems that feel effortless, expansive, and magnetic. 

  •  We’ll work on the energy in your body and in your business to see what’s in alignment and where we need to make changes.
  • We’ll connect with your purpose and help you create the offers and business models that feels effortless and exciting for you.
  • And we'll keep refining to allow momentum to build, money to flow, and any repeat beliefs and sabotages to be healed along the way.

What's included:

  1. Coaching calls
  2. Healing calls
  3. Voxer support
  4. Reviews, insights + energetics
  5. Weekly check-ins
  6. Access to group programs

I bring my gifts of style, strategy, and systems, as well as my spiritual gifts — and I ask you to bring yours, too.


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