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Welcome, industry-leading entrepreneurs, and lightworkers

Cookie-cutter solutions were never your thing

You’re multi-passionate, you move fast, you move intuitively, and you're ready for support as you continue to unleash new levels of magic, but most coaches and designers don’t get you and the vision you hold for your work.

You're here to build a legacy

You receive download, and channel ideas at an overwhelming rate.

It’s what gives you energy, it’s what makes you magnetic, and it's why we can’t keep our eyes off of you.

As your Business Psychic everything I do flows from your unique magic.

I am able to see and hold all of you.

I read the energetics of your business and soul, and tap into your unique magic. From that canvas, I strategize, heal, activate, design, and build based on the support you need.

I'm able to see what stage of your purpose you are moving into next.

I support your next idea — and every single new idea after that, while you stay in immersion with your soul’s purpose.

I alchemize your expression into infinite impact, abundance, and flow. The soul-aligned strategy, the magnetic visuals, the expansive systems… I take care of it all

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Your magic made  timeless  — as the world needs it to be.

When we work together, my intention is to help you take every new download and make it flow seamlessly with your next-level vision. Together, we’ll create solutions that grow with you, so you never feel confined.

Business coaching
Business strategy
Healing modalities
Creative direction

Brand design
Kajabi design
Program design
Passive income creation

Magic-making avenues

Here’s how I can support your next level of growth. Choose from the options below.

business insights

Readings, forecasts or strategy

We focus on your next-level plan for your business. You'll share your vision, while I read the energetics of your business and create a custom plan for you based on what will allow for more flow, joy, and abundance in your life and business.

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Business coaching

Coaching and energetics

Strategy and soul support. We connect with your higher purpose and create the next-level business and offers that feel effortless, expansive, and magnetic. You'll connect more deeply to your purpose and soul and become less reliant on finding answers outside of yourself.

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business by design

Intuitive design and creation

Simplicity is my love language — and the secret behind the results I get for my clients. Let me take over and create the ultimate vision for your business. Strategy, design, systems: it’s all done for you. Design in alignment with your genius, your energy, your brand, and your life. 

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About Nicholette von Reiche

Business Psychic, Strategist & Intuitive Designer

With nearly two decades of experience, Nicholette has worked with female business owners as a creative director, business strategist, designer, and coach, and has built and sold an online business.

Nicholette works as a Business Psychic, Strategist, and Designer to connect with her clients’ energy to help them gain clarity and direction. Combining channeled information with her business expertise, she guides her clients on what their next steps are in the business that's specifically and strategically aligned for them.

Her clients have seen impressive results, including multiple 6-figure and 7-figure years and,  5-6-figure launches, shifting away from chasing unsuitable ideas and strategies that are not meant for them. They have created better client experiences and increased sales by providing more aligned offers that allow for greater freedom and more income. 

She helps her clients build stunning brands that attract their ideal clients while creating a business that is aligned with who the work they are meant to do.

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Receive letters to heal, expand, and activate.

More magic, more impact, more wealth - repeat.